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A weekly newsletter focused on the progression of gaming and it's impact on culture. A human, authentic, unfiltered voice. No distractions, no BS. The most fun way to learn what's going on in gaming & esports.

The Newsletter

Weekly's structure consists in different sections to get you cover with everything that happened during the week. A concise, easy to read piece of content, designed to make you love email again:

🍺 Beer Talk
🔥 Good Stuff
🔍 What else is there?
💰 VC Land & Partnerships
💎 Gem of the Week
📈 Stats
🍿 Esports Highlights
😂 F^ckery of the Week
🗓 Upcoming Events
📣 Cool Jobs

Who am I?

My name is Franco, I'm a generalist (Videographer, Designer, Writer) from Argentina. I worked with companies like FNATIC, FC Barcelona, DC United, Mets. In terms of gaming culture, Weekly is the combination of my work and passion.

Why Weekly?

This will be a different ride for you. Forget about clickbait, political correct takes or any bullshit. I'm not a journalist, but I tell it as it is in a way that veterans can have fun and newcomers can understand, while getting involved with gaming and esports.

If you're only interest in news, this won't be your ideal place. But if you're looking for creative analysis and showcase of the relationship between gaming and culture (and you don't mind bad words and typos here and there)... welcome.

Oh, and it's free.

What are readers saying?

Chris Kissack

Weekly Reader

“Without a shadow of a doubt this is one of the best things that has landed in my inbox this week. Great content, awesome round up and very well written.”

Jorge Schnura


“If you only have time for one source of news in esports, Weekly.gg is your place to go, giving you a carefully curated list of industry news and opinions in a concise email.”

Su Collins


“Informative, funny and digestible, Weekly is the perfect companion for the inbox of anyone who wants to get on top of what's happening in the world of esports.”

Ryan K. Rigney


“This is the smartest esports industry newsletter I’ve found yet. Love the design work from @shotbyfranco as well.”

Glen Calvert


“Weekly is by far the best newsletter in the industry, the unfiltered commentary on the most important news items makes it an essential read.”

Rustin Sotoodeh


“I love Weekly. Filled with info I actually care about, no cut and dry news bs, just good gaming content written in a fun way with a beautiful design.”

Mark (Coolmark)


“You are doing a KILLER job with Weekly.gg, I love reading it and I really appreciate all the work you put into it man.”

Kyle Laffey


“Tidy and well-curated esports newsletter that puts a smile on my face every time it hits my inbox. I trust Weekly to catch me up on what I missed.”

John Howard

Sponsorships @omen

“I just love you, probably the best gaming newsletter out there. Thanks for the awesomazing quality and getting the job done!”

Shawn Smith


“A great way to emerge from a week of heads-down work to see what I missed. The commentary and color context is engaging and the summaries a life-saver.”

Roddy Adams

partnerships @microsoft

“This is a good newsletter for the industry. Right amount of content and good layout, congrats.”

A. Kokhanovskyy


“A few minutes, every Thursday. You won't be able to spend your time better to know shit that's happening in gaming and esports.”